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The New Pattern of Civil Services Examination is implemented under the policy of attracting the most suitable candidates in civil services. To transform the civil services according to the needs of 21st century Governance and rapid economic development, Government of India is shifting from current Rule based personnel administration to a Competency based Strategic Human Resource Management system (SHRM). Competency based approach looks at the individual as a vital resource to be valued, motivated and developed. Hence for the success of SHRM, it is imperative to select good and competent persons, and provide them training to equip with qualities and competencies for their current and future jobs.

The most suitable (good and competent) candidates for civil services are the ones who have Higher Level of Response Ability. The Higher Level of Response Ability is the ability or potentional to perform to the required standard. It is a combination of person's ability to work (knowledge and skills) and his attitudes towards the work (Right Attitudes). This Higher Level of Response Ability in candidates is developed by acquiring Right Knowledge, Righ Attitudes and Higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

The study reports of UNDP and OECD, and Global experiences including Government of India own experiences on High performing civil services have clearly highlighted that civil servants' quality of decisions and their work performance is greatly affected by their attitudes and world view, hence Right Attitudes for public service is considered as the most important attribute of civil servants for high performance. That's why, New Pattern of Civil Services Examination to select the most suitable candidates for civil services accords equal importance to candidates' Right attitudes as Right Knowledge and Higher order thinking skills in the selection criteria. 

Candidates' spirit, interest and deeper involvement in important issues related to public life and important current happenings is the manifestation of their Right Attitudes towards public service. Right Attitudes brings about self desire to be aware and understand the issues and dynamics surrounding governance and society; thinking on conflicts and their solutions; clear point of view on important national andinternational happenings and issues. It reflects candidates' personal choices and personal purposes, widen their perspective, develop Higher Level of Response Ability, and leads to personal satisfaction and professional excellence.

The New Pattern of Civil Services Examination assess candidates' Right Attitudes 


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